Photo © Bonnie Hawthorne

Can you really learn to play recognizable melodies on the autoharp in one short workshop?  Yes, you can!  This informal hands-on workshop will develop and improve your ability to accompany singers and to fingerpick familiar melodies on the autoharp.

Acknowledged as one of the best autoharp instructors in North America, Adam Miller has conducted hands-on autoharp workshops from the Everglades to the Arctic Circle. Not only is he a gifted and personable teacher, his affable and articulate manner and lack of pretension quickly puts participants at ease.

By playing along and learning by ear, participants explore rhythm, timing, chord-selection, pick selection, dynamics, and a myriad of right-hand and left-hand autoharp techniques. Easy-to-read workshop song handouts are provided.

“Simply put, Adam Miller shows even the best autoharpists brand new things.”

– David Van Syoc

Polly Swallow

“He packs a whole weekend’s worth of tips and techniques into his entertaining two-hour workshop.”

– Dusty Strings, Seattle, Washington