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Singing Through History!  Folk Music Programs

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• Adam has Performed Live for over 1.5 Million Students in 48 States

• Dozens of Different Educational and Entertaining Programs

• Age-Appropriate for any Combination of Grades or Ages

• Pre-School, Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, and High School

• No Audience Maximum

School Assemblies

Back-to-back (i.e.: K-3 & 4-6 or 7-9 &10-12)
Age-appropriate, grade specific
Conforming to State Standards

Artist Residency

2, 5 or 10 days, class-by-class
Daily contact between students & artist
Curriculum-based & in-depth

For over a quarter of a century, award-winning entertainer Adam Miller has captured the imagination of students across the United States with his highly entertaining, multi-cultural Singing Through History! folk music assemblies.

These acclaimed programs aid in the development of cultural and historical literacy, emphasizing the importance of history as a story well told. They conform to state History, Social Science, and Visual Arts Frameworks, addressing curriculum and subjects students are already studying in the classroom, and are designed to encourage group singing and interactivity.

  • American folksongs remind us that historical events were accomplished by ordinary people, not unlike ourselves, and help students realize that they, the young people of today, are not very different from the young people of past generations.
  • American folksongs help students understand what life was like for our American ancestors in the time before the telephone.
  • American folksongs help children locate their own place in the long stream of cultural tradition, and emphasize that America’s culture has diverse ethnic roots.

Students have a great time learning about American folklore and folk traditions while singing along.  With dozens of entertaining and educational assembly programs, Adam can perform two different assemblies at a back-to-back booking, with no audience maximum.

Interview With Adam Miller

The Frog Song

“He kept our Kinders on the edge of their criss-cross-applesauce seats!”

-Kathleen Rushing, Pioneer Elementary School, Union City, California

“He took our children back in time in a way that made history real. He’s masterful at balancing a fun, engaging music assembly that exposes the children to folk music with a history lesson.”

-Raymond Dawley, Principal, Fair Oaks Elementary, Redwood City, California

“A perfect combination of entertainment, participation and teaching – just terrific!”

-Bernadette Papi, South Portland High School PTO, Maine

“Adam Miller has an incredible knack for turning children on to history.  His songs and stories are both educational and entertaining.”

-Jill Selak, Principal, Mayflower Elementary School, Monrovia, California

“My favorite song was probably ‘Captain Kidd.’ Thank you very much. I never enjoyed folksongs until now!”

-Michael B., Fifth Grade Student, Palo Alto, California