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A master of the art of storytelling, Adam Miller can enchant any audience. Folksinger Sam Hinton praised his “impeccable taste” in selecting the right songs to sing with the right audience. An award-winning entertainer who never fails to get his audience singing along, he is that rare performer who appeals to audiences of all ages. His family concerts are as enjoyable for children as they are for parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Photo © Carol M. Schultz

Over the Rainbow

“Impressively educational but also alluringly entertaining – delighting both young and old alike.”

– Sitnews, Ketchikan, Alaska

“He draws on thousands of songs to craft programs specific to each audience and locale, often making efforts to learn new tunes and stories from the regions he visits.”

– Monterey County Herald

“You had the entire audience in the palm of your hands. Great songs and stories.”

– Jim Weed, Capitol Harpers, Silver Spring, Maryland