Adam Miller has recorded seven CDs of folksongs, ballads, and autoharp instrumentals, that receive airplay across North America and Europe. His folksongs are the songs of America’s heritage: a window into the soul of our nation in its youth.

The Radio’s Taking Our Songs Away
The Irrepressible American Folksong in the Age of the Selfie

“[An] album about how modern technology has transformed everyday life, including and especially the lives of music artists who seek to make a living in a world where their medium is digitized for distribution more than ever before. Charming, candid, and the essence of down-to-earth folk, ‘The Radio’s Taking Our Songs Away’ is highly recommended for both personal and public library music collections.”
-Midwest Book Review

It Might As Well Be a Myth
Spoken Word: Stories and Storysongs

“Your storytelling is so entertaining and engaging – it rivals Garrison Keillor’s”
–Frank Hamilton, The Weavers

“Your storytelling is as good as Utah Phillips’ – and that is high praise!”
–Mimi Wright

When the River Ran Backward
Adventures in Folksong

“Classic cowboy ballads, tall tales, western folksongs, and grand adventures. Miller performs superbly as a baritone lead vocalist and a master of the guitar and autoharp; others support him with mandolin, viola, bass, and harmony vocals. The songs themselves are a smorgasbord of timeless traditional favorites, and adventurous tunes by a medley of different songwriters.  A wonderful way to entertain listeners of all ages while experiencing a taste of America’s rich folk heritage. Highly recommended.”
-Midwest Book Review

Buttercup Joe
Timeless Ballads and Folksongs

“I really enjoy your work as you are one of the few American artists who is still interested in the old traditional ballads and songs written by other songwriters.”

-Massimo Ferro, Radio Voce Spazi, Alessandria, Italy

Bare Fingers
The Solo Autoharp Artistry of Adam Miller

“You’ve taken the autoharp beyond the beyond.  I never expected to hear O’Carolan, ragtime, and Broadway show tunes on the autoharp, and with such dynamic nuance and subtlety of expression.  This CD will inspire not only autoharp players, but anyone who loves traditional melodies.”

  – Holly Tannen, Mistress of Folklore

Along Came a Giant
Traditional American Folksongs for Young Folks

“In Along Came a Giant, folksinger, storyteller, and autoharp virtuoso Adam Miller adapts traditional American folk songs for young people. The result is a lively, adventurous collection of tales (most of which are grounded in traditional tales, although a few have credits given to various authors) intended for listeners age 4 – 12, but sure to entertain all ages. These brief but amazing legends set to music are the perfect choice for car trips!”

-Midwest Book Review

The Orphan Train and Other Reminiscences
Historical Folksongs and Ballads

“An outstanding slice of American folk songs performed with his perfectly-suited voice and tasty autoharp accompaniment. There’s not a bad effort on this entire recording — it is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.”

-Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas

Wild Birds
Harmony Singing Duets:  Old-Time Country, Gospel, Cowboy, and Folk

“Their blend is amazing and their phrasing is impeccable, which can only be the result of countless hours of rehearsal.  Adam’s autoharp playing is superb and imaginative.”

-Folknik, San Francisco, California