It’s Bigger Than You Are

To the west of the southern tip of Greenland, in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of the eastern Canadian Arctic’s Nunavut territory, is an inlet of the North Atlantic Ocean that extends into southeastern Baffin Island, called Frobisher Bay. It is named for the English explorer and privateer, Sir Martin Frobisher (1535-1594). In June of 1576, the 40-year-old Frobisher mounted an expedition to discover the fabled Northwest Passage and thereby a shorter route to China. On Kodlunarn Island, near the frigid bay that bears his name, Frobisher came upon a sparkling black rock that contained brassy yellow crystals. Although he didn’t find the Northwest Passage, Frobisher wasn’t disappointed, for he believed he’d discovered the “mother lode.” He took the black stone back to England and had his investors examine it carefully. This convinced them that Frobisher had indeed discovered gold in the “New World,” and they quickly raised the capital to finance Continue Reading

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